The Clinic

Intuition • Expert Knowledge • Empowered Thinking


Our approach is simple. We take holistic & considered steps towards women’s health. We listen, assess, educate and treat using a juxtaposition of intuition, expert knowledge and empowered thinking.


Every Body is Unique

We believe every woman’s body is unique, so we treat each one as exactly that.


Working closely with GPs and women’s specialists, our all-female team of physiotherapists is made up of friendly, clever, experienced (and all round awesome) women who really understand the intricacies and nuances of the female body.

Each with a specialised set of skills, our girls keep at the forefront of medical research through continual education holding the belief that knowledge, really is power.

Perhaps most importantly, we believe that every women’s body is unique. So our case by case approach is treated as exactly that. Every woman has her own story, medical history, patterns, health concerns and aspirations.

From neck and back pain, to pregnancy aches, postnatal recovery, sexual dysfunction, incontinence or simply a desire to improve her strength, our mission is to help all women gain the very best quality of life, through all seasons of life.


Pelvic Floor and More

Weird twinge in your back or just a feeling that something isn’t quite right? We cover all areas of women’s health, take a look at how we can help.